About Us


569400eaa2eca43c4d80414055372c17 It is an event held every two ​years to market/promote the best that Barbados has to offer in a selected City in the United States of America.  This year it is being held in Atlanta as Barbados Celebrates it’s 50th year of Independence.
  • To present elements of Barbadian history, culture and heritage to the visitors and residents of Metro Atlanta, the selected city in 2016.
  •  To provide an atmosphere that establishes and/or nurtures relationships between business and heritage agencies in Barbados and in Metro Atlanta.
  • To provide opportunities for the Barbados public and private sectors to combine efforts to market/promote products and services  in the tourism, health, government and other service sectors, and to establish new business relations through networking 
  • To give exposure to Barbadian Artistes​
  • To bring the Barbadian Diaspora together in an atmosphere that nurtures and strengthens relations and enhance their sense of nationalism.​